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Friday, November 21st, 2003
10:29 pm - TTST! :-( (check an earlier entry to see what TTST means)
like OMG, im so sad!! :-( STA lost homecoming this week, and by the time i like got to Olsen's party, they stopped letting people in!!!! OMG i was too pissed to talk (TPTT)because i couldn't get my usual 2 beers and then lights out! hehe yes, ya'll know im a two beer queer. oh BRB hotties!!! BLEHHHHHH... that was my frappucino that i had for breakfast!!! oh who am i kidding? it was just half a carton of cigs!!!! YAY!!!! omg i love ciggarettes. and alcohol. OH and boys. BOYYYYYYYYYYYS PLEASE.
speaking of boys... MIAMI DAVE!!!! WHAT A HOTTIE.
im gonna go stalk miami dave... aka the future MR. BULIMIA!

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Friday, November 7th, 2003
1:35 pm - YO YO YO
what up, yo! hehe im such a gangsta YO. nah really im just a skinny whore!!! i mean.... LOL!!!!!

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Friday, October 31st, 2003
OM fucking G everyone! I like haven't updated this in like so long... wanna know a secret? i forgot my password!!! even though its lyke just my name! LOLOLOLOL! it took me so long to remember. I had to ask my mom, but she was too busy tanning on the roof! yay tans!!!!!!!!!!! OMG have you guys ever seen teen girl squad on homestarrunner.com? I think it's really insulting to girls everywhere. to be sterotyped like that. LOL!!!! OMG im totally JK yall!! I totally am in love with them all!!!! but i dont like the ugly one cause shes too ugly!!! not like me and my hotties!!! right lex??? LOL!!!
OMG happy halloween everyone! I'm going as a sheet of paper! LOL like im just gonna turn sideways and you cant see me anymore!! OK hotties, i gotta wrap this up, cause its getting windy and i think im like gonna get blown away... LOL
BYE YA'LLs!!!!

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Tuesday, May 6th, 2003
8:39 pm - DISCLAIMER
DISCLAIMER: This journal and all characters within are entirely fictional. Resemblance to any person, living, dead, or bulemic, is purely coincidental. "OMG" "LOL" and "TTYL" are registered trademarks of TenaciousVomit Co. and may be reproduced by individuals if, and only if, they have recently thrown up a meal, or are mocking such people. This journal may be reproduced, in whole, or in part, so long as it is used in such a manner that is derogatory to Valley Girls and/or Bulemics. Any illegal use of this material will result in absolutely nothing.

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Monday, May 5th, 2003
8:35 pm - GRRRR
OMG today I drove back some total hotties from crew... well really just mitch was a hottie... but anyway we were like listening to some totally bitchin' jams that Lex picked out and someone in the back seat kept changing the songs! They said it was David Clark who was in the like way way back. That makes sense though because I know how David like has 7 foot long arms right? OMG and then they kept doing it and they wouldnt stop!!!! Lex told me to stop the car, and since like I'm lex's bitch I did it. Then lex like says "who the hell like did that. get out of the like car." but OMG no one got out. I was so mad cause like it was my favorite NSYNC song and like they wouldnt let me bounce up and down in my seat with it!!! OMG and then Sk8r Boi came on and I was like "OMG I like love this song" I wanna like marry a sk8r boi!!! LOL!!!! But only a Sk8r Boi who like doesnt mind getting out vomit stains, cause usually after I like puke up a meal I like to pass out for a few hours, but who doesnt?? LOL!!!!!

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Tuesday, April 29th, 2003
9:16 pm
"peeps"- If you reply to this shit about Ms. Happy, let me know who it is- LOL

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8:59 pm - Like Sadface ya'll
OMG, today someone like wiped off all our like super cool carchalk! We like worked so hard on that and I just wanted to make Scinasi happy with me. OH no! I know what it is! I must be too fat for him!! OMG!!!!!!! hang on cuties... BLEHHHHH... oh no! I got some vomit on my new Victorias secret bra!! ok well, TRAINER bra, but I'm almost done with training!!! OMG like pretty soon I'll be able to wear a REAL wonderbra!! Lex called me today on my celli and I LOL'd when she told me about how Sam was walking around today with a skank with him... OMG but Lex was so funny, like she told me that he had a skank, but then later, after I cried and then threw up my tears, she told me that the skank was really only Kris!!!! LOL!!!!!! Ok hotties time for my bedtime votex shots and then bed!! TTYL!!!!!!

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Sunday, April 27th, 2003
3:48 pm - OMG!!!
omg, so my boat yesterday won its race, but even more cooler... KRIS'S BOAT WON!!! LOL!!! I secretly love Kris so much and everytime I throw up meals I imagine him saying "omg megan you totally look like skinnier. Wanna play the hand game?" But I'm also totally TSTT (too sad to talk) cause Sam didnt call me back on my celly! :-( hang on babes, I have to go weigh myself.... OMG!!!! I weigh 97 pounds!! I'll never be good enough for Kris and Sam at that weight. Good thing I dont have boobs or an ass to weigh me down, but I'd better go throw up one more time just to make sure. TTYL hotties!!!

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3:15 pm - Bulemia
Hi. I'm hopefully gonna use this journal to make a pretend diary of a "fictional" person named Megan Happy. I say hopefully cause more than likely I'll make one entry and then I'll lose interest in this journal crap. If that turns out to be the case, then maybe all of you should also rethink how much time you spend on your journals, cause if I don't think it's cool, it's definetly not... so for now, enjoy the wacky bulemic adventures of Megan Happy.

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